F2 Enlarger screen for mobile phone

Smartphone Screen HD Magnifier
Universal Stand Radiation Protection Support Bracket Cellphone Holder for all Smart Phones
for watching 3D Movies and Elders as a Magnifying Glass

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Out of stock


F2 Portable 3D Magnifier Retractable 3D Video Enlarged Screen Amplifier

  • Good Quality
  • Durable
  • Easy use
  • The screen magnifier is specifically designed to fit most smartphones.

No more struggling to read on your smart phone that could cause strain and discomfort to your eyes, or endure the small screen of your phone for entertainment when you are on the go. Now you can enjoy a better viewing experience with this mobile phone screen magnifier stand that enlarges your smart phone display to make it easier to watch movies, videos, or news on your phone. Made of high quality and durable ABS material and organic glass that filters harmful light sources to provide anti-radiation protection, this magnifier is light weight and super slim when folded, and can be carried around conveniently in your purse, bag, or luggage

F2 Enlarged 3D Screen Amplifier Mobile Phone Magnifying Glass HD Stand for Video Folding Screen Enlarged Eyes Protection Holder: Buy Online at Best Prices in SriLanka |

New F2 Magnifier Eyes Protection Display Folding 3D Screen Mobile Phone Amplifier Cellphone Holder Enlarged Expander Stand|Phone Screen Amplifiers| - AliExpress


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