Magical Moon light

  • Magic Star moonlight.
    A special 3D printing process is used,
    its 3D effect seems like the rugged surface of a moon or star.


or 3 X රු 566.33 with Koko Koko


Magical Moon Light – 3D Printed Dimmable Rechargeable LED Lamp

This Magical Moon Light. You never have to go a night without seeing the moon again! Also, it adjusts from warm to pale white light with adjustable brightness. And it’s wireless indeed! Rechargeable LED Lamp

One Button On Bottom Changes Between Colors. Adjusts Brightness and Charges

Tap the button on the bottom to turn it on/off or change colors. Long-tap to adjust the light’s brightness. The bottom port is also where you plug in the included USB cable to charge it.

It charges in 2 hours flat, and works up to 8 hours without being plugged in, making this moon lamp the perfect portable night light!


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Set the Mood with the Moon

Magical Moon Light hard not to be entered by the moon’s brilliance. Put this moonlight anywhere in your orbit to create the perfect ambiance!

Some of the many ways to set the mood:

  • romantic, moonlit dinner date
  • relaxing read before bed
  • serene, glowing night light

You can adjust the brightness depending on your need, and count on the moon to shine brightly or glow faintly. Best of all, the moonlight doesn’t need to be plugged in, so you can put the moon anywhere in any room!


The marvelous Magical Moon Light comes in four sizes, from 3.1 inches up to 7.9 inches. Each comes with its own wooden stand.

Made according to NASA satellite images taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the moonlight is so realistic, it’s 3D printed with an accuracy of 100 microns… the diameter of a single strand of human hair… to recreate the moon down to the very smallest detail.

Every mountain and valley.  Impact crater. Every imperfection on the surface of the moon – reproduced to perfection! This moonlight would make a meaningful gift for any Moon/Space lover, ANY KID, any Adult, your Girlfriend or Boyfriend, or pretty much anyone amazed by the moon (so everyone).

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Blue, Green, Purple


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