SLIQUE Hair Threading

Slique Eyebrow
Face and Body
Hair Threading and Removal System 

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Slique Eyebrows Face & Body Hair Threading & Removal System with 5 pre-cut extra strength threads. Amazing at Home Quick & Painless Hair Removal System Using The Ancient Technique of Threading to Remove All unwanted Facial Hair.

Slique Hair Threading Removal System Epilator

Simple and convenient, this unique facial hair removal kit is closely based on the threading-style hair removal, with its precision spring-action system.

epilator hair removal

epilator hair removal

Why Slique?

Slique’s awesome design was developed so that women all over the world could perform hair threading at the comfort of theirSlique own home without the need of a salon or an aesthetician. With Slique you can now remove excess hair easily and safely from
the cheeks, chin, forehead, upper lip, arms, legs…even fingers and toes. Nothing beats the Original. And as the inventors of the patented original
Slique you know you are getting the real deal. You are getting the one and only Slique Eyebrows Face and Body Hair Threader and Hair Removal Kit.
With its pre-cut, extra strength cotton thread is very easy to install easy to use and highly durable.


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