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or 3 X රු 833.33 with Koko Koko


Digital Weight Scales Max 180kg Family Scale LCD

Using the 180kg Family Scale weight cuts out all of the hassle and nonsense from dieting by bringing fitness back to its simplified basics. The Digital Weight Scales is built with a body mass index form to deliver a long service life while still maintaining a slim and modern look to accent your home or personal gym. The 0.1 kg (.02 lb.) graduation ensures you’re tracking your progress based on the right results with each use. With the 180kg Family Scale you spend less time second-guessing yourself and more time rewarding yourself for the achievements you accomplish.

Features of 180kg Family Scale:
High accuracy sensor for precise weighing
Wide measuring range of 3kg-180kg Family Scale
4mm thick tempered glass to bear humans weight
Auto wake up when sensing weight and auto shut off when out of use
Auto zero clearing function to get ready for another weighing
LCD screen display for easy reading



Item Type: Weighing Scale
Display Type: LCD
Weighing Range: 3-180Kg
Resolution: 0.1kg
Material: ABS + Tempered Glass
Color: Transparent
Power Supply: Button Cell (Included)
Product Size: 26x26cm / 10.23×10.23in
Tempered Glass Thickness: 4mm


– can weigh in two kinds of units: Kilograms and lb. – there’s a selector switch on the back. – maximum weighed between 150 kg and 180 kg, fault tolerance 0.1 kk or 369 lb. fault tolerance 0.2 lb. – operated at normal temperature 10 35 degrees C. – automatically dead after 10 15 seconds. – Hint of low tension, the hint of wrong, the hint of out # – make sure things are ON with the switch check ON the inside back. – automatically on, the Digital Weight Scales LCD screen will start once the user stands on it, shut up and hold for a few seconds, and the scales will start measuring the user’s weight. – after we’ve finished weighing the automated die alone after 10 15 seconds. – keep it dry, don’t get sprinkled or the water-soaked will break.





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