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Rechargeable Lamp With Fan/ 3 in 1

The Lontor Rechargeable Lamp & Fan comes with over 18 hours of LED light and can be charged while in use to boost the battery life. It offers you stable light when fully charged and come with a plastic handle for easy carriage. Plug to a wall AC outlet to charge the multipurpose lamp and fan for your next reading at the hostel or your home, as you never can tell when there will be a power outage. Lontor multipurpose rechargeable lamp and fan is portable in size with a grip handle that is soft to the hands and saves you extra cost.

Fan | Rechargeable Lamp


How to use the fan

1 Fan Switch: Low-speed, High-speed fan. 2. Led Switch: for Led Light turn ON/OFF control. 3. There has a 5C1A USB output socket and micro USB input socket. USB output can be used to charge mobile phones, and micro USB input can charge 4. A red indicator shows that the battery is getting charged, after fully charged, it will turn green indicator.

How to charge

1. Make sure the voltage of the main power supply matches the voltage rating for the appliance. 2. Please use a 5V1A adapter to charge the fan. If you want to use. Indeed please use an adapter over 1A and switch the button to Low speed to avoid malfunction. 3. It is normal to feel a small amount of heat as the battery is charging.



1. Built-in battery: 3.7V/3AH lithium battery. 2. Charging time:3-5 hours 3. Working time: High-speed fan: 2.5±0.5 hours Low-speed: 3.5±0.5 hours 4. Input power: 5V1A 5. Output power: 5V1A 6. Power: 4.5W


The Lontor Rechargeable Lamp & Fan comes with dual functions that offer you cool air while giving you bright stable light that aids you to see your environment. It is ideal for homes and students to have at hostels as it offers you clarity of light to see your pathway when there is a blackout from the main power or when reading. It offers you super bright light from the LED light that does not transmit heat but allows you to see your way and read at night while providing you with fresh air.

  • Rechargeable
  • Integration of lamp and fan
  • Long duration ‎(‎1500mah‎)‎
  • 18 hours‎-1 Led spotlight




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